Newsbrands more memorable than Facebook – chart of the week

Some Facebook posts might stay in your mind but how about the ads found next to them? Are newsbrands more memorable than Facebook or vice versa?

Australian ThinkNewsBrands wanted to find out and commissioned the audience research lab MediaScience to get details on how recall, brand recognition and brand image compare in newspaper versus electronic media. The study included more than 5,350 participants and ran across 42 print runs and 252 websites which together created 6,037 unique brand exposures.

According to the findings, ads in printed newspapers outperform Facebook ads of all types by up to four times. When looking at printed ads, including quarter, half and full-page ads, compared with display, 6, or 15-second Facebook ads, news offers a superior level of unprompted recall.

Recall newsbrand ad vs Facebook
Recall newsbrand ad vs Facebook

Printed ads are far superior to a display ad in Facebook. A print ad noticeably outperforms video ads as well. Even when combining two videos, newspaper ads have an edge. In other categories like recognition and brand lift, print performs better as well.

The findings tie in with results that newspapers are found to be more trustworthy than digital media – including the advertising. News media are extremely effective at embedding brands in people’s memories as well. Researchers conducting and supervising the study commented: “The reason for this is that when people consume news content, they enter an active and alert state of mind, and this carries over to the advertising on the channel”. Also, the printed page provokes a reaction through its very tangibility.

More details on why newsbrands are more memorable than Facebook and other digital channels can be found in the ThinkNewsBrands “The Benchmark Series” study, the largest cross-media advertising effectiveness study ever conducted in Australia.

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