Hunkeler innovationdays bringing more inkjet

Finally, the Hunkeler innovationdays are back, not only bringing more inkjet devices, but also a lot of technology around the presses – of course with finishing being very prominent. If you have not been to the Hunkeler innovationdays: it is the event to get the best possible overview on continuous feed production presses. Not only will all important vendors for digital commercial, publishing and document printing presses be there, the event also allows seeing the latest presses printing side-by-side.

Hunkeler innovationdays bringing more inkjet

Already in November I had an interview with the new CEO Daniel Erni for exploring what we can expect this time. The relief is, that not much has changed: presses running and producing sample prints and products. 15 printer suppliers are listed for 2023. The big equipment will all be in Hall 2. There are some new exhibitors, which should make the visit the more interesting. Those are:

  • CTRL-S
  • MANZ

For people not able to travel, there is a digital experience, but there is nothing like being there and judging the print output first hand. Since 2003 I am a regular visitor and did see the changes in focus of equipment from transaction print to all kinds of document, publication and commercial applications. After starting as a monochrome toner event these trends resulted in the Hunkeler innovationdays bringing more colour inkjet to the show floor.

Following a four year break it will be good to see the progress made in productivity, quality and automation. As in previous years the Innovationdays will once again take place in the Messe Lucerne exhibition facility. The 2023 event (after two years of cancellations) will run from February 27 to March 2, 2023. Contact me to meet up for a chat or idea exchange.

Some inkjet events to watch out for

Printing is not all about inkjet, but this is the most dynamic type of technology, with the potential to drive new applications and markets. Therefore, some inkjet events to watch out for are lining up.

Inkjet Insight is having an Innovation Week. This is series of webinars to educate the industry on the latest inkjet technology coming to the market, across document, labels, packaging and industrial segments. Technology coverage includes presses, press components, software and finishing. Different experts will share their knowledge and are available for Q&A. The webinars will run from June 14th to 18th.

Also, at Inkjet Insight a monthly overview on the latest inkjet production press installations gives readers an overview on which company installed which device into which company. It will be interesting to see how markets and demand develop. We started this series in January 2021 and will have a monthly update. January was a strong month with 16 installs, followed by 11 in February. You would need to become a member, but this is definitely worth it. Naturally we will miss some installations, as there was no press release or other public mention. If you know of any installs, please let me know.

There will be some more inkjet events to watch out for this year. A lot will still be virtual, but I hope on-site events will resume. I certainly have marked my calendar for the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2022, starting on the 21st of February 2022. Hopefully there will be opportunities to see the latest launches even before that.