Production Inkjet Buying Guide

At Inkjet Insight we have developed a buying guide for inkjet – that is for production printing presses used in document and commercial print. The number of new launches can make this market bewildering and we felt the best would be to present an overview by main target market segments. We had some discussions on which segments would best (and you can still argue), but we came up with four as a good compromise between granularity and breadth of overview.

Entry Level presses cater for the budget minded, which are willing to compromise on speed and/or quality. Still a good number of cut-sheet and web-fed presses are out there. The overview is here.

Big rigs include the fastest inkjet presses in document printing, when the speed trumps everything else. This includes all wide web presses.

The guide for graphic arts quality presses (the ones which can print at offset quality and on standrad coated paper) can be found here. Sheet-fed presses in all sizes and a growing number of webfed presses fall into this segment.

Finally cross-over presses cover the middle ground, when not highest productivity or quality is needed, but a good compromise between everything and a great price/performance ratio.

The Inkjet Insight buying guide for inkjet is intended to give an overview on what is out there as a start for research. There is a lot more detail to each press and digging deeper into specs as well as other factors (price, availability, infrastructure, service,…) will be necessary. If you want to comment, add or disagree, please let us know.

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