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Drupa 2020 is history - that never happened. Drupa 2021 fell victim to the pandemic as well. But there is
Printing is not all about inkjet, but this is the most dynamic type of technology, with the potential to drive
... has been my website lately. However, after fending off some hacking attacks and switching providers the website should not
Today, the 14th of Jan, HP held a webinar on interior décor printing. I hoped to learn more about the
I do feel that drupa is an important event for the printing industry, likely the most important one. Sadly, there
In times of generally declining magazine circulations, magazines for kids are doing well. This is according to a report in
Yes, we know drupa 2020 has been moved and Covid restrictions mean that there will be no trade shows for
Heidelberg today announced that the company is to cancel its participation in drupa 2021. After Bobst and Xerox the third
Trade fairs have been under pressure in recent years. Cancelling most events in 2020 is making vendors considering their stance
When judging applications being in demand during and just after the Covid crisis, antibacterial print is certainly high on the
While the Covid crisis is far from over and health concerns are to remain high on consumers’ agenda also facemasks
2019 has been a busy year and thanks for following my blogs on this website or on LinkedIn. Especially my

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