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The pandemic did show us many processes moving digital. Communication is no exception. There is a huge push to move
The last time (a few years ago) I heard about the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining it was tipped to
What analysts and marketers like about the internet is that everything is measurable – as pointless as it may be
Starting into the new year is a good time to have a look at the European print production developments in
Ever wondered why advertising spending in print publications declined so rapidly and how much further this could go on? Or
Some Facebook posts might stay in your mind but how about the ads found next to them? Are newsbrands more
In the light of distance learning during the pandemic and the move towards digital media in schools there is probably
If you sent out e-mails you better come up with something to be read quickly. Litmus, describing itself as a
In an outside view marketing often equals advertising. Corporations need to perform a lot more activities within marketing however, which
If something is illustrating the current shortage in paper it is the rising costs of recovered paper. The chart shows
In many European countries door drops are a huge alternative to addressed direct mail. The DMA just published their 2021
After a lot of speculation, finally the first sets of (real) numbers are out on how different print applications fared

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